Dokipetty is one of the brands of Everich. Founded in 2000, Dokipetty dedicated to R&D, Design and manufacture of various pet products. It is one of the world’s professional pet product manufacturers with over 20 years of experience in the whole industry. Dokipetty provides comprehensive services in the design, customization, wholesale, and production of a full range of pet supplies. The main categories include: pet bottles, dog bowls & feeders, dog beds, dog collars, dog bags, and more. Supporting one-stop shopping needs for your business. As a professional pet supplier in China, we have rich experience in OEM and ODM services.



Founder of dokipetty

Meet the founders behind Dokipetty, Michael Yao and Nataly Liao, a dynamic husband and wife duo. Their inspiration for creating Dokipetty was born out of a deeply personal experience—pets are an integral part of our lives, deserving of products that reflect their importance in our hearts. Drawing inspiration from her own deep connection with pets and his extensive background in business, Nataly embarked on a mission to create products that not only meet the needs of pets but also celebrate the bond between humans and their furry companions. Dokipetty is not just a pet supply provider but a revolution in the lifestyle of pets.

But Dokipetty is more than just a brand; it’s a testament to Nataly Liao’s unwavering dedication to pets and his commitment to fostering creativity and innovation in the pet product industry. By combining his passion for pets with his expertise in business, Nataly has created a brand that resonates with pet lovers worldwide, setting new standards for quality, creativity, and compassion in the industry.

Our idea is that everyone in the world can use the pets products made by Dokipetty. Our designs are unique and creative. We attract pet goods buyers from all over the world. We are the most professional pet product manufacturer.

Global Pet Products Supply Chain

Global Pet Products Supply Chain

Discover Innovation in Pet Products with Dokipetty

DOKIPETTY's Production Base & Workshop

DOKIPETTY's Production Base & Workshop
DOKIPETTY's Production Base & Workshop
DOKIPETTY's Production Base & Workshop
DOKIPETTY's Production Base & Workshop
DOKIPETTY's Production Base & Workshop
DOKIPETTY's Production Base & Workshop
DOKIPETTY's Production Base & Workshop
DOKIPETTY's Production Base & Workshop

The above is just a part of our vast modern pet product production base. If you would like to have a deeper understanding, we can provide you with online video services. Please click the button below to make an appointment.

DOKIPETTY's Professional Team

Nataly Liao & Michael Yao

Michael Yao & Nataly Liao

Co-Founder of Dokipetty

Cecilia He

General Manager

Rain Tian

Sales Manager


Elena Fang

Sale Supervisor

Our management team has extensive experience in the field of pet products. Each manager is a well-known industry figure in their respective field of responsibility. This enables our business to grow rapidly, and our customers can also quickly expand their market share locally.

We & Customers

We strive to maintain a friendly cooperative relationship with our customers. We invest a large amount of funds every year in market development and sales channel expansion. We hope to have deeper cooperation with you in pet products in the future.

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