Quality control of pet products

At Dokipetty, our dedication lies in providing premium pet products to our esteemed customers. Through our meticulous quality control procedures, we guarantee that each product adheres to the most rigorous standards of safety and performance.


Raw Material Inspection

In the manufacturing process of pet products, the quality of raw materials directly affects the quality and safety of the final product. Therefore, conducting raw material inspection is one of the crucial steps. This includes detailed inspection and testing of all raw materials to ensure they meet relevant quality standards and safety regulations. These inspections may involve evaluations of appearance, chemical composition, material strength, and other aspects.


Bur Removal

During the manufacturing process of pet products, materials such as metal or plastic may be involved, which may produce burrs or sharp edges during processing. These burrs may pose a risk to the health of pets, causing injury, scratches, or infections. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully inspect all products during production to ensure there are no burrs present, and if necessary, perform burr removal such as polishing or trimming to ensure the safety and comfort of the final product.

How Do We Control The Quality Of Dokipetty's Products?

Quality control plays a paramount role in the production process, and Doki Petty places a strong emphasis on it. With over 20 dedicated quality inspectors, we meticulously examine every shipment destined for global distribution.

Upon arrival at the warehouse, each packaged parcel undergoes a thorough inspection. We randomly select 80-500 pieces from a range of 500-150,000 finished products, adhering to international inspection standards. Subsequently, our inspection process includes data/measurement inspection, product inspection, material inspection, paint adhesion test, leak test and insulation inspection.

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