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In recent years, the pet economy in China and even globally has been experiencing a period of rapid development and expansion. Pet food, supplies, grooming, training, and even funeral services, which span the entire lifecycle of pets, have shown astonishing growth rates and potential in global markets.

As the Chinese market continues to mature, many Chinese pet product manufacturers have also begun to set their sights on the global pet market, seeking larger markets, higher customer spending, and more possibilities.
Compared with foreign pet product manufacturers, Chinese merchants have great advantages in supply chain, cost control, and product updates and iterations. Especially in wholesale pet supplies industry, many emerging brands have proven that there are still business opportunities.

China stands out as an excellent destination for sourcing pet products, benefiting from the economies of scale driven by its vast domestic market and offering excellent value for money thanks to the cost efficiency of labor. While numerous pet product businesses rely on Alibaba suppliers for their sourcing needs, below is a compilation of some of the most reputable and widely recognized pet product manufacturers in China:

Shenzhen Kean Silicone Product Co., Ltd

SHENZHEN KEAN SILICONE PRODUCT CO., LTD, established in February 8th, 2006, specializes in innovative silicone products. Their goal is to provide the world with the healthiest, most environmentally friendly, convenient, and stylish silicone items. They have built a robust R&D system for integrated production and marketing. The company has invested in recruiting and training professional staff, with some focusing on outdoor and travel products, household articles, and others on silicone baby teething products. All products are independently developed with 100% ownership of intellectual property. While they sell their products independently, they also offer OEM/ODM services. Embracing innovation as their mission, they are recognized as a leading company in new-concept silicone products, with international patents for their silicone water bottles and travel bottles. Their brands “KEAN” and “MyFriday” enjoy a strong reputation in the silicone products industry worldwide. They prioritize management ideals and emphasize quality, cooperation, and win-win business relationships. Their customer service principle revolves around “Customer First,” and they eagerly anticipate collaborating with clients.


Petstar was established in 1998, catering to the needs of pet owners and enthusiasts. As a trading and manufacturing company, Petstar offers an extensive range of pet products designed for various animals, including dogs, cats, small animals (such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters), and birds. These products encompass essentials such as food, treats, toys, grooming supplies, bedding, cages, and accessories. Moreover, Petstar has 9 factories covering over 15 NFL football fields of production area, and employing 1000 workers for manufacturing high-quality products.

Petstar serves as a one-stop destination for pet owners, providing them with a wide array of products, informative resources, and a platform for community interaction, all aimed at promoting the health, happiness, and well-being of their beloved pets.


Dokipetty is one of the brands of Everich. Founded in 2000, Dokipetty dedicated to R&D, Design and manufacture of various pet products. It is one of the world’s professional pet product manufacturers with over 20 years of experience in the whole industry. Dokipetty provides comprehensive services in the design, customization, wholesale, and production of a full range of pet supplies. The main categories include: pet bottles, dog bowls & feeders, dog beds, dog collars, dog bags, and more. Supporting one-stop shopping needs for your business. As a professional pet supplier in China, we have rich experience in OEM and ODM services.

Ningbo E-You Trading Co., Ltd

If you’re seeking top-tier pet products, look no further than E-You. Serving as a comprehensive solution, E-You provides an extensive array of pet products that surpass those offered by average suppliers. From pet bowls and ropes to carriers, mats, waste bags, dispensers, and more, they have it all. Notably, their after-sales service stands out prominently. With an additional customer relationship team dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction, E-You delivers the best after-sales support in the area!

Suzhou Shengkang Plastic Electric

The manufacturing company embarked on its journey in 2001 and has since experienced unstoppable growth. Specializing in pet grooming gadgets, they have emerged as leaders in the market over the past two decades. Presently, they boast ownership of two plants, one dedicated to manufacturing and the other serving as the trading company. Among their popular offerings are pet bristle brushes and pet rake combs.


The article highlights the thriving pet product manufacturing industry in China and presents a curated list of five reputable companies in the field. Overall, these companies exemplify China’s prowess in the global pet product manufacturing industry, offering a wide range of high-quality products and services to meet the needs of pet owners worldwide.

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