Top 5 Pet Product Manufacturers In China

pet product manufacturers

Table of Contents Introduction In recent years, the pet economy in China and even globally has been experiencing a period of rapid development and expansion. Pet food, supplies, grooming, training, and even funeral services, which span the entire lifecycle of pets, have shown astonishing growth rates and potential in global markets. As the Chinese market […]

Wholesale Pet Supply Trends: What’s Hot in the Market Right Now

pet supply

Table of Contents Introduction Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to keep pets to find joy and comfort in life. Pet owners are also willing to spend more time and money to provide the best care and service for their pets. This trend has brought huge business opportunities and development space to the pet […]

Slow Eating Bowls vs. Traditional Bowls: Which is Better for Your Dog’s Health?

dog bowls

Table of Contents Introduction Nowadays, the number of pet owners is growing rapidly, and there are more and more people showing off their pets on social media. With the increasing awareness of healthy pet care, slow eating bowls can effectively reduce the speed of dogs’ eating, prevent problems such as rapid eating, and cultivate healthy […]

10 Pet Bags Design Ideas & Trends In 2024

pet bags

Table of Contents Introduction In with the increase in demand for pets, the parties to the gradual improvement of the law and safety protection laws, pets also have more space to move, but travel and carry and become a problem, so we will see in foreign countries on the subway through a variety of ways […]

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